The Technology CEO Council (TCC)

About The Council

The Technology CEO Council (TCC) is the information technology industry’s leading public policy advocacy organization comprised exclusively of chief executive officers from America’s top information technology companies. 

For 25 years, the Technology CEO Council, formerly known as the Computer Systems Policy Project, has been dedicated to advancing policies that promote innovation and U.S. competitiveness through technology leadership. Our CEOs meet with policy makers on issues of importance to the high-tech industry and offer insights and recommendations on ways technology can help solve global challenges.

Currently, the Technology CEO Council is focused on public policy initiatives related to competitiveness, including a level playing field on tax and trade, as well as 21st century infrastructure that enables innovation, and policies that empower entrepreneurs with the technology they need to change to world.

The Technology CEO Council includes some of the nation’s most well-known brands and globally integrated enterprises., generating more than $300 billion in annual revenues and employing more than 900,000 workers. 


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