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The world is more open today than at any previous point in history. Such interconnectedness offers boundless potential as well as new challenges to be met and new problems to be solved. Certainly the pace of change will continue to accelerate, for better and for worse. Success — for individuals, companies and nations — will demand skill, agility, global insight and resolve.

The good news is that Americans possess these traits — and more. The challenges we face are neither unprecedented nor insurmountable. Innovation is the key to our prosperity. Our relentless pursuit of better ideas, new frontiers, new companies, new cures and new opportunities has ensured constant renewal, reinvention and improvement. Our propensity for innovation ensured economic leadership and national strength. Entrepreneurs are best at leveraging change. By rewarding risk and facilitating competition, we cultivate a nation of entrepreneurs, giving us the talent to cope with changing geopolitics, technologies and global markets.

A great nation does not fear overseas competition. A great nation prepares its workers and companies to successfully compete in a global market. There is no doubt we can continue to achieve new prosperity, more inclusive and complete than any that preceded us — provided we have the courage to compete, the wisdom to make the right investments in our future and the political will befitting a great nation.


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