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Technology CEO Council Endorses “National Competitiveness and Innovation Strategy of 2010”

Published Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Today, the Technology CEO Council (TCC) Director Jonathan R. Hoganson, issued the following statement on S. 3620, ‘The National Competitiveness and Innovation Strategy Act of 2010,” sponsored by Senator Mark Warner (D-VA).

“American prosperity has always been built upon a foundation of innovation, entrepreneurism and investment in the future. Given the dynamic nature of the global economy, it’s vital that the United States assesses its competitive position and spell out a vision for the future that enables our citizens to flourish, our businesses to grow and our nation to remain competitive.’

Mr. Hoganson continued, ‘The Technology CEO Council endorses Sen. Warner’s proposal that brings together business and government to chart a path together that leverages our strengths as a nation: the ingenuity of our people, our infrastructure and willingness to take risks.”