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IT to Power Future Job Creation

Published Tuesday, March 6, 2012 8:30 pm
by Kenneth Corbin

As the country grinds through the long run-up to a national election staked on job creation and the economy perhaps more than any other issue, a new study from the Technology CEO Council (TCC) concludes that the companies that best leverage information technology will account for the lion's share of new jobs and propel the next wave of economic growth.

New technologies such as the ever-growing litany of cloud applications and remotely managed computing infrastructure options have lowered the entry barriers for innovative young startups to get off the ground and compete in a global economy, according to the report from TCC. High-speed broadband connectivity, low-cost, high-capacity storage and on-demand computing resources together have facilitated a new breed of startup business that can far more easily compete with and even dislodge its more established rivals.

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