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Statement From Technology CEO Council Executive Director Bruce Mehlman Regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Published Tuesday, November 10, 2015


WASHINGTON, DC – The Technology CEO Council (TCC) executive director Bruce Mehlman issued the following statement today regarding the successful conclusion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations:

“In today’s global economy where data, goods and people cross borders with regularity, a level playing field is essential to the success of American workers and innovators. TPP establishes a framework for digital trade in the 21st century and will ensure that U.S. information technology entrepreneurs remain competitive in all the TPP countries.

Of special significance are the TPP’s rules preserving the free flow of information across borders and banning forced localization of computing and data facilities. The Agreement also eliminates import taxes – some as high as 35 percent -- on U.S. information and communication technology exports, including smart phones, routers and computers.

This agreement boldly addresses the 21st century challenges limiting U.S. growth and global competitiveness. Its passage and implementation are critical to maintaining American information technology leadership and ensuring a fair global market based on competition and innovation. The Tech CEO Council strongly supports the TPP Agreement and is committed to working with the Congress and Administration to quickly move it forward under the TPA’s approval process.”

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